Basic principles

2. Interaction elem.
3. The iTV application
Multiple players or components must be developed and coordinated as a network in order to realise an iTV format (in particular one with iTV application). The terms front-end, head-end and back-end can be consolidated in the iTV system architecture.

Front-end: This comprises everything that belongs to the TV viewer.

Head-end: This is where the feed into the broadcasting channel is realised. Back-end: This includes the upstream production tasks as well as the tasks of the server. Transmission channels: These connect the individual components and thus generate a network: The generation of an iTV network is unmistakably associated with extensive expenditure. The use of the network within the framework of an iTV format also demands a high degree of creativity and technical understanding.



Harald Molina-Tillmann

Introduction to interactive television

4. System architect.
5. Production

4. System architecture

6. Examples
1. Terminology
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