2. Application concept
3. Dialogue
The emotional dramaturgy and the aesthetic design are useless if the iTV format and the iTV application are ultimately rejected by the viewer due to poor useability. It is therefore necessary to measure the design of the contents and graphics on the basis of the recognised rules of good useability. Refer to the literature and the standard ISO 9241-10 for interactive systems of all types. The standard defines 7 general rules:
  1. Task appropriateness (complete, correct, justifiable effort)
  2. Scope of self-description (comprehensible, help system)
  3. Conformity to expectation (uniform, tailored)
  4. Error tolerance
  5. Controllability
  6. Ease of individualisation
  7. Learning suitability
These approaches can be essentially applied to ITV. In individual cases adjustment to the peculiarities of the medium is recommended, e.g.: Furthermore, apply the most important rule: That interactive television revolves around entertainment.
It must "be fun".



Harald Molina-Tillmann

Introduction to interactive television

4. Graphics
5. Useability

5. Useability

1. Overall concept
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